I was born in Rianxo, a seaside village in the southwest coast of Galicia. After graduating at the University of Santiago de Compostela, I followed the doctoral programme at IDEGA and the support ETIC doctoral courses sponsored by the E.U., with short stays in Maastricht and Strasburg. On May 10th, 2002, I earned a European Doctorate in Business Organization. I have also studied and carried out research stays in places like the Århus Business School (Denmark), UNISINOS in São Leopoldo (Porto Alegre-Brasil), ISCTE in Lisbon, CRIC in Manchester, Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona and Universidad Carlos III in Madrid.

I work full time for the University of Vigo, where I currently serve as the head researcher of REDE (; a multidisciplinary research group with interests in innovation, energy and the environment.  My own research focuses on the dynamics of organizational and technological innovation. I also lecture undergraduate and postgraduate courses related to innovation management and operational excellence. The contents of my research and teaching (with the support of many colleagues at UVigo), have allowed me to cooperate frequently with public institutions and business firms.